To encourage my students to learn how to use the key features of MS Word, I have created this separate assignment that will evaluate the word processing skills used to format the final version of their papers. Students can learn how to perform each of the MS Word tasks listed below using the handout on MS Word on each of my class web pages or by watching the podcast I created that demonstrates each of these skills. Students can earn 21 out of 21 possible points in addition to the normal point value for the paper.

  3 Points 1 Point Zero Points
Margins Uses 1" margins NA Does not use 1" margins
Page Numbers Last name appears in header with a space separating it from the "insert page number" option. Both name and number appear in Times New Roman 12 point font. Attempt made at page numbering. Hand typed page numbers, missing last name, wrong font, etc. No page numbers
Centered Title Title is one single-spaced line below the information block and on single-spaced line above the body of the paper. The center command is used to center the title, not spaces or tabs. Title is approximately centered using spaces and tabs. Spacing may be off. No title.
Gaps between paragraphs A single-spaced blank line appears below each line of text without additional spacing. Writer checks the "Click the box next to "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style" box in the Paragraph Format options. NA Gaps appear between paragraphs, items in information block, or around the title.
Block Quotes Block quotes are indented a 1/2 inch (one tab width) using the indent option. Block quotes are indented 1/2" using individual tabs on each line. Block quote is not indented 1/2 inch.
Works Cited Page The Works Cited page starts at the top of a page. Writer uses the "page break" option on the insert menu. The Works Cited page roughly starts at the top of a page because of repeated paragraph breaks (the enter key) after the conclusion. No attempt to start at the top of the next page.
Hanging Indents for Works Cited Entries Each works cited entry uses the hanging indent option to have the second and subsequent lines of an entry indent one tab width. Each works cited entry has the hanging indent effect approximated by the use of tabs. No attempt at hanging indents.