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Please read and mark your partner's paper as we have done throughout the semester. Then write a note about the strengths and weaknesses of the paper, but pay attention to these central concerns:

1. Is the paper making a clear claim that it is trying to prove, or is it simply an informative piece? The goal is to prove a claim, so if they are simply listing information, please warn the writer of the potential problem and suggest potential thesis statements based on the information presented.

2. While some of the papers may have a slightly different focus to their claims, the bulk of the papers will need to show why the person/situation under discussion rises to the level of "monster" or "monstrous" instead of simply being "bad" or "terrible." How effectively has the author been in making this distinction clear? If the paper deals with how people attempt to monsterfy others, comment on how effectively the writer distinguishes between people who don't like another group and people who actively deploy a monstrous label to change how people act towards that group.



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